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Yoga Mats

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Friday Night VinYin

Drop-in - $20.00

8 Week Pass - $120.00


A YOGA class that uses intention, breath and movement to positively influence the nervous system, improving optimal body function through balancing the mind-body connection. In this class I invite you to challenge both your nervous and musculoskeletal systems to respond rather than react in a place of safety and non-judgement.


This Slow Flow class will focus on Asana foundations & progression.

Yogis of all levels welcome.

Breathe & Connect

Drop-in - $20.00

8 Week Pass - $120.00


A YOGA class designed to downregulate the nervous system and deepen the connection between you and your body. Postures may be held up to 5 min and meditation may be included. In this class I invite you to show gratitude and appreciation for your body and the ways it allows you to experience the world around you. 


This is Yin style class, focused on finding physical and mental stillness. Yogis of all levels welcome.

Every body can do yoga and all people are welcome in my CARE space. Whether you choose to practice from a physical perspective or a spiritual one, there is something for everyone here.

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  • Emergency and Medical Services personnel (Military, Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses & Doctors) are eligible for a $10.00 discount on all 60 or 90 minute Massage Treatments and YOGA Passes

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