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The Mind Behind
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Hi, I'm Nikki...

Fellow Human in the Life Experience

Lover of Food, Fantasy, Singing & Camping

Identify as a Healer, Mother & Life Partner

Working as a Registered Massage Therapist

Practicing Yogi / 200-HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Member in Good Standing with CMMOTA (Canadian Massage & Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association)

How it all began...

In my Grade 12 year book I stated "get a job that has nothing to do with a desk" as one of my aspirations in life. I'm a kinesthetic person who learns through experience and desk life has never been something that fits. I'd also always wanted to be a Work at Home Mom one day, so that I could be in control of my schedule when I eventually started my own family. So, finding the right blend of work that is both meaningful and within my skillset was always my top priority.


On the road to figuring it out I've fed my desire to help and teach others as a career lifeguard / instructor / supervisor, volleyball coach and aquatic fitness instructor. I've fed my love of learning by completing certificates in Graphic Communication and Small Business Management, followed by a brief period putting those skillsets into practice as an Office Administrator / Website Manager when we moved to Cold Lake. Though I've found value in both career paths, when I discovered a passion for manual therapy, after a weekend crash course with my best friend, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

In 2019, I opened Alberta Girl Massage out of my home and in 2020, I graduated with honors from Vicars School of Massage Therapy. In those early years, I had to navigate the nuances of a pandemic, while raising two young children and doing the important work of healing myself of past traumas in the wake of great loss. This led to a change in both myself and my practice, which is why in 2022, AGBT became CARE Body Therapy by Nikki. 


I want my brand to embody my vision of helping others embrace making their wellness a priority and leave room for further growth as both me and my business continue to evolve. 

How it all Works...

I believe in long term healing of both body and mind, by helping you fall in love with taking CARE of yourself. Although we may address short term complaints in massage sessions or specific goals in yoga classes, we will always be working toward creating an improved sense of overall wellness for you.



My massage treatment philosophy is to address the underlying musculoskeletal mechanisms for any pain or dysfunction that you identify as your chief concern, working with the body and it's natural desire to be optimally functional. Your body is designed to be at homeostasis and will return as closely as it can to its normal factory settings given the right tools to effect change. This can take time, but consistency yields amazing results. I employ a variety of tools and techniques to affect the soft tissues of your body during treatment, always working within your boundaries for comfort. We always begin with clinical assessment and at the end of your session I'll assign home-care exercises or offer referrals to extend your healing experience beyond the table.



My yoga philosophy is to encourage the regular use of intention, breath and movement to positively influence the nervous system, improving optimal function through balancing the mind-body connection. Every body can do yoga. The most wonderful aspect of yoga is that it is here for you, in whatever way you need it to be. It exists as a catalyst that encourages growth in whatever way feels natural to each individual, whether you approach your practice from a purely physical perspective or a more ephemeral one. CARE Yoga is here to provide every body with a space of safety and support in which to challenge their nervous systems to respond, rather than react, increasing neuroplasticity and improving overall wellness.


When applied with intention, both touch and movement have a profound effect on the body. Given the ever increasing amount of input (stress) our bodies receive on a daily basis, most people operate from a place where the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is constantly being stimulated. This puts our body on alert, creating patterns of chronic muscle  tension, inhibiting the immune system, affecting sleep quality and contributing to both mental and physical illnesses. Activities that focus on interrupting the SNS fight or flight loop and engage the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS - rest and digest) are increasingly important in maintaining a sense of overall wellness. Massage Therapy can prime your body for positive changes, creating space for healing and realignment to occur through the decrease of SNS firing. Yoga can help you improve your functional mobility, actively realigning and reinforcing positive changes by improving neuroplasticity. Together, they send your nervous system the message that it's safe and allow for greater healing to occur.

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