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Wellness Massage

60 Minutes - $95.00

90 Minutes - $135.00*

A Body Therapy treatment that aims to create an environment in your body that is receptive to positive change. I use a variety of techniques to work with your needs including Swedish Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Myofascial and Dynamic Cupping, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for injuries, Manual Fascial Release, Joint Play, Trigger Point Release and Hydrotherapy. Clinical Assessment and Home Care Recommendations are included in each session.

Visceral Relaxation Massage

60 Minutes - $95.00

A specialty Body Therapy treatment that aims to create relaxation and relieve tension or dysfunction in your organ systems, using the relationships between fascial layers and recruitment of the nervous system. I use gentle, therapeutic touch to promote change on a visceral level, which is beneficial to everyone but can be especially effective in those experiencing stress or anxiety, digestive troubles or visceral trauma (such as after an MVA, surgery or giving birth). This treatment is not appropriate for anyone with inflammatory or metastasizing diseases or undiagnosed pathologies.

Kids Massage

30 Minutes - $40.00

45 Minutes - $75.00

Kids sessions range from fully clothed relaxation/stress management treatments to treatments for specific orthopeadic conditions/sports recovery. All children/youths under the age of 14 are asked to wear a tank top and shorts for their sessions, and parents will be asked to remain in or just outside the room during treatment for all kids under the age of 16 (special permissions for 16-18 year old's to come without a parent can be arranged upon request).

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes - $95.00

90 Minutes - $135.00*

A modified Body Therapy treatment that promotes relaxation and helps manage pregnancy related pain or dysfunction. This treatment is intended for women who are currently pregnant, without complications, or in the first three months post-pregnancy. Babies who are not yet mobile are welcome in the treatment space at the parents' discretion. Pregnant women experiencing any complications should first get permission from their primary care provider before booking.

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  • Emergency and Medical Services personnel (Military, Police, Fire, EMS, Nurses & Doctors) are eligible for a $10.00 discount on all Massage Treatments

  • Direct Billing Available for Alberta Blue Cross, Veterans Affairs and all companies affiliated with Telus Health (does not include Sunlife)

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